Who We Are

Rockland Alliance for Health (RAH) was founded in May 2008 and is a public 501C3 not-for-profit charitable organization incorporated in the State of New York. Rockland Alliance for Health is committed to being a leader in public health prevention and promotion supporting interventions that are evidenced-based and result in sustainable changes in policy, practice and the environment. RAH focuses its efforts on the Public Health Priorities of Rockland County. Contributions made to RAH are deductible for federal income tax purposes to the full extent of the law. 

The RAH Board of Directors and Staff embody a wide range of expertise in many fields, including public health, finance, marketing and promotions, and health management. The Board is committed to a vision of Rockland as the healthiest community in the nation.

What We Offer

RAH supports Rockland’s efforts to live, work and play in a healthy community. We provide funds and technical assistance to help organizations, schools and worksites to build playgrounds, community gardens, walking trails, and on-site gyms.  We work with others to build the foundations of a healthy community.

What We Do

We work collaboratively with local agencies to support improved community health outcomes. We can help your organization, school, or business in the following areas:

  • Technical assistance including work plan development

  • Locating and building partnerships

  • Choose & implement programs that work

  • Provide small grants for projects that the organization can eventually sustain on its own

Our Core Values 

The Rockland Alliance for Health is commited to the following in all of its work

  • Respecting cultural diversity

  • Allying with communities

  • Aligning with the public health priorities of Rockland County https://www.rocklandgov.com/departments/health/

  • Promoting health related programs that have been proven to work effectively

  • Providing support for sustainable change


Meet the rest of our team...

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